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TILLOMED Italia is the Italian branch of EMCURE Pharmaceuticals Ltd, a multinational Pharmaceutical Company with Corporate Headquarters located in India. The Company was founded in 1981 and nowadays it is one of India's largest pharmaceutical companies, with a growth rate (CAGR) greater than 30%.

We are commited to the development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products worldwide.

Our research is particularly focused on the development of complex API's, Finished Formulations and Biosimilars other than new advanced drug delivery technologies.

Sede Tillomed

We have signed strategic Partnerships with the most important multinational companies operating in the health area.

TILLOMED ITALIA is operating since January 2017. At present TILLOMED ITALIA is mainly focused on Hospital Onco-Haematological area.

Exclusive Distributor in Italy of products by HAMELN, a German Multinational Pharmaceutical Company, and by VENUS Pharma, with Corporate Headquartes located in India, both specialized in injectable Drugs for Hospital use.

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  • Gennova
  • Avet Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Marcan

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